3 Most Influential Individuals Supporting Marijuana Legalization

3 Most Influential Individuals Supporting Marijuana Legalization

Recent years in the home of the free and the land of the brave. We have seen an impressive run when it comes to looking at marijuana legalization. And subsequently the cannabis industry. Plenty of states across the country have now legalized the use of marijuana in some form or the other. Along with many influential individuals supporting marijuana legalization.

Many of the states that have implemented marijuana legalization. They have done so within the boundaries of utilizing the cannabis industry’s developments to treat various medical ailments.

There are also some states which have implemented marijuana legalization for the sake of recreational purposes. Further boosting the growth of the cannabis industry.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of states still fighting against the lawmakers in the hope that marijuana never becomes legal. Click here to find out which states are likely to see marijuana legalization last. 

The Federal Roadblock In Marijuana Legalization

As far as more than half of the states are concerned, marijuana legalization has been going on a solid run indeed. The problem is that in spite of all this growth. When it comes to marijuana legalization on a nationwide level. The federal government has not budged an inch in its favor.

The cannabis industry is still seeing a growth that is more stunted than it needs to be. This is because marijuana is categorized to be a Schedule I drug.  As per the federal law in the United States.

Businesses in the cannabis industry are therefore more limited and their chances of growth are significantly much lesser. Especially compared to those businesses which are considered to be more of an ordinary nature. Businesses in the cannabis industry are finding it much harder to attain the necessary institutional support from major financial authorities for even banking practices.

This is why much like in the days of old where marijuana was completely illegal. All businesses in the cannabis industry are forced to resort to dealing with cash (taxation is not on their net profits but their gross profits that way).

Plenty of companies in the cannabis industry are not even able to get the corporate income tax reductions from the federal government. Solely based on the fact that they are dealing with a substance that is considered illegal according to federal law.

3 Influential People Taking The Helm For Marijuana Legalization

It is in the light of this ongoing situation that it becomes more critical for influential people to keep this matter in the eye line of the United States Congress until a proper resolution is arrived at. Just like popular brands make use of endorsement deals where they sponsor athletes and celebrities so that they promote the bran.

Marijuana legalization has also found its place in the hearts of some of the most influential people in the country. Here are 3 of the most important people who have been helping to rally the drive for marijuana legalization in the country.

1.    Snoop Dogg

If there is going to be a list of any number of influential people who have been aiding the legalization of marijuana. No matter how big or small, this celebrity is always going to be on that list “fo’ sho”. Everybody has been in love with this peace-loving rapper who has been an avid smoker of pot since possible. As long as he’s been walking this green earth.

Snoop Dogg has been consistent with his pro-marijuana legalization stance vocally. Snoops contribution to the movement of supporting marijuana legalization. Has not been a limit for him to express his opinion in many other ways.

Snoop Dogg also happens to be a prominent figure in the cannabis industry. He is in partnership with a producer or medicinal marijuana which also sells medical marijuana known as Canopy Growth which is based in Canada and sells different strains of weed under a brand of the rapper’s name.

Other than that, his contribution to the cannabis industry is also on the purely ancillary side of the pot ecosystem by partnering with the capital venture firm known as Casa Verde. It’s also a Canada based firm that’s been investing in various companies in this industry.

2.    Morgan Freeman

Another celebrity who has been particularly vocal about supporting marijuana legalization. Everybody’s beloved Morgan Freeman. It only makes sense that the man who has played the voice of God, in not just one, but two huge successes. He has the opinion that marijuana legalization is necessary.

Freeman has always taken a pro-marijuana stance. He has expressed his opinions about marijuana being something highly beneficial. Widely regarded as one of the best actors of his generation. When you consider the fact that he belongs to the same generation as Al Pacino and De Niro. We can be sure that it’s not something that’s said very lightly.

His prowess in acting on the screen and the very distinct voice that he has is a source of inspiration.

This octogenarian actor has spoken out about his usage of marijuana in the past and he continues to do so. Mainly because of all the benefits that it has provided him. A car accident saw his arm badly injured which hasn’t been able to recover to this day. The only thing keeping him from suffering the chronic pain has been his beloved mary jane.

3.    Hugh Hefner

Ah yes. This list would not have been complete without the inclusion of the man who had strived continuously to expand the horizons of media. He has been the CEO and founder of the famous Playboy Enterprise. It is not a very surprising fact that Hefner was also heavily invested in the push for marijuana legalization in the US.

It’s sad to see that the founder of one of Playboy will never see the fruits of his labor flower into completion. Hugh Hefner did leave a significant impact in his wake.

It is common knowledge that if it wasn’t for Hugh Hefner. The very existence of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws or NORML would not have even existed.

Established in 1970. NORML was founded by Keith Stroup with Hefner’s hefty $5000 contribution at the time to get it going to being the highest contributor to NORML. As it grew is a testament to Hefner’s commitment to ensuring marijuana legalization and the growth of the cannabis industry.

In Conclusion

While countrywide supporting marijuana legalization is still not exactly in front of us, we know this for a fact that it is no longer just a pipe dream. The movement striving for marijuana legalization. Especially in the US and the cannabis industry are indeed going strong. With the help of brand ambassadors like these. Plus many more contributing to the drive to end the useless prohibition of marijuana.

We can rest assured knowing the fact that even though marijuana legalization in the whole country may not be immediately on the horizon. It is not far beyond it.