The Best THC Detox

best THC detox

What’s the fastest way to get THC out of your system?

It’s not an easy job getting cannabis out of your system. The only guaranteed way is to stop consuming and wait. However, for most users, they have no intention of quitting or simply don’t have enough time before the test. THC gets stored in your fat cells and it obviously takes some time to flush out of your system. There is a big risk involved in simply guessing if THC and other toxins will show up in the test or not?

There are several ways to speed up the removal of the THC metabolites. This includes detox drinks, detox pills as well as other natural methods. One important thing you should understand is that everybody responds differently to detoxing. What works for someone else might not work for you.

Here are a few best THC detox tricks:

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1. Flushing:

One of the easiest and of course, the cheapest methods of passing a urine drug test is to drink plenty of fluids before the test. However, you should understand that the lab tester will not look for the drug toxins in your blood. In fact, they will look for the metabolite & other toxins in your urine. Indeed, dilution is a simple method but also ineffective and you can not rely on it.

Drinking too much water will affect the pH, specific gravity and creatinine levels. Urine sample presented at the time of test should not be clear in color. It is because lab testers will be immediately able to tell you that you have been drinking too much water. Unfortunately, you will fail your drug test!

In order to give your urine a more credible color for the test, you should consider taking Vitamin B-12 or Vitamin B-2. About 100 milligrams will be good & will help turn the color of your urine back to yellow. As a matter of fact, you can replace the key compounds in your body & urine sample using a detox drink. But if you will make use of drug detox product, you should not dilute your body & urine by drinking too much water. Another risk of diluting your urine is the electrolyte imbalance, drain of sodium and potassium from the body and urine.

We recommend keeping it simple and making use of a detox drink from a reliable brand.

How Should You Pee?

Possibly, the manner in which you pee into the container can make a huge difference. The correct way is to pee a bit first and direct the urine stream into the container towards the middle. Don’t direct the sample from the beginning or the end. Why? Because this part comprises the higher concentration of drug toxins.

2. Detox Drinks

Making use of a detox drink in one of the most popular choices when it comes to flush drug toxins out of your body. Detox drinks will remove all the toxins in the sample by diluting your urine.

Some detox drinks are more effective than others. Therefore, it’s important to purchase one from a reputable brand with a good pass rate. Different bodies respond differently to the detox drinks. One must not consider their weight only, but also the amount & potency of cannabis you consume and how frequently?

Detox DrinkClear Choice Rescue Cleanse 17Oz Detox Drink which is available in a watermelon flavor and Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 32Oz available in apple/cranberry flavor (for over 200lbs or heavy/regular users).

Being the best detox drinks, they take only 1 hour to become effective. What’s best? You will be in a clear zone for up to 5 hours.

How to consume it? You just have to drink the entire contents of the bottle quickly but at a comfortable pace. After waiting for 15 minutes, refill the bottle again with cold water and drink that too. Best result can be achieved within the first hour after drinking it.

Note: It’s important to avoid all toxins and medications for at least 48–72 hours. For real heavy users, a longer abstinence period could be required.

Rescue Cleanse 17oz Detox Drink

Herbal Clean is another brand which is highly reliable and recommended by our experts!

If you consume marijuana occasionally, then this detox drink is just perfect. Herbal Clean QCarbo 16Oz is ideal for people with a body mass under 200 lbs. After consumption of the drink, you should refill the container with the cold water just like the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse!

In case your body mass index is more than 200 lbs we recommend Herbal Clean QCarbo 32Oz. For this drug detox product, no refill is required, you just have to urinate frequently after drinking it.

Do you have a much higher toxin level? Well, if it is true then you should not hesitate using Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex 32oz detox drink. It works more effectively if consumed with an empty stomach. If you have a sensitive stomach, you can take something light before the consumption.

Clear Choice One Shot Concentrate

Clear Choice One Shot Concentrate is another great option. It is a tiny 1Oz shot that is super easy to hide, quick and easy to use. This small yet robust product can give you a clear zone for up to 5 hours and comes along with 4 Herbal Pre Cleanse Capsules.

If you choose this product, we recommend you to avoid using drugs for at least 14 days. In addition, you should not eat or drink 4 hours prior to using this product.

Also, refrigerate this product and shake it well before using. After that, drink the entire drink as quickly as possible.

Immediately after that, take two Herbal Detox Capsules with a 16Oz glass of water. Then, wait for 15 minutes and take the remaining 2 capsules with another 16Oz glass of water. Considering that you weigh more than 200 lbs, we recommend that you drink another 8Oz glass of water.

3. Exercise and Healthy Diet 

Do you have some time before the test? If yes, then exercising can potentially help you burn some fat. Burning of fat cells that contain THC can help you detox your body naturally.

But and big But, you should not exercise 24 hours prior to your test. Why? It can increase blood plasma THC concentrations. It happens because when the fat cells are burned, THC is re-released into the bloodstream and hence will be detectable during the test.

Apart than exercising, a healthy and high fiber diet can also help you flush THC out of your system. However, you should try to take this diet regularly. In fact, food with pectin will make your digestion better resulting in fat elimination. Especially fruits and vegetables are a good source of natural pectin.

The detox drinks that we have recommended include some of the supplements required for the natural elimination & detox process but won’t mask the THC. Some of these supplements include activated charcoal, psyllium husk, and magnesium. You can choose either Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse or Herbal Clean QCarbo to get things right for you!

4. Detox Pills 

Have you stopped smoking cannabis 14 days before the test? That is just perfect.

Best THC DetoxAdditionally, if you will make use of Herbal Pre Cleanse Capsules, it will accelerate the process of elimination of drug toxins. These capsules work best when taken twice daily with plenty of water for at least 14 days.

Do you feel that the detox method is not the right choice for you? Then, you might consider other options to pass your drug test. These methods include replacing your urine sample with synthetic urine or making use of a urine additive.

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