A Beginner’s Guide for Growing Cannabis Indoors

A Beginner’s Guide for Growing Cannabis Indoors

Are you finally looking to start growing your very own weed? Are you an outdoor marijuana grower who has decided to dabble in the art of growing cannabis indoors?

Whichever reason you might be interested in growing cannabis indoors, you are a fortunate person indeed. Before you jump into action and start going at it eyes closed and both hands behind your back.

You will want to take a little time to understand that growing cannabis indoors is not that easy if you’re not prepared.

Of course looking for information on the internet gives you bits and pieces of a lot of things that can become overwhelming. That’s why you have this guide for you.

By the time you’re done reading this guide, you will be able to better understand as a beginner about how you can start to grow cannabis indoors. Let’s get started then.

Create A Cannabis Growing Room

The first order of business is to get a room set up! That’s where you will be growing cannabis indoors. A cannabis growing room doesn’t have to be a room.

It can be a tent, it can be a large cabinet or even some space designated in the corner of your basement. Anywhere the plant and the equipment can fit, can become your growing room. But BE WARNED many people forget to take into consideration where they place the growroom, you do not want to get busted for a simple misplacement reason!!

Baby Steps

You would not be reading this guide if you have already been growing cannabis indoors. When you are a beginner to this thing, it is always a good practice to start small and take baby steps.

When you start growing cannabis indoors with a small scale project, there are three main advantages you will get:

  •      Less cost to set up
  •      Easier to manage the crop
  •      Any mistakes you make won’t result in a significant loss

Starting small is only a matter of precaution. There’s always a chance that the crop might just not make it due to disease or pests so when you’re still learning how to do it, minimize the losses you might incur.

That being said, you need to have enough space so that when the marijuana grows older, the growing room can accommodate the crop.

Choose The Lights You’ll Be Using To Growing Cannabis Indoors

The light quality that you use for growing your cannabis is essential. No, using the energy saver bulb that you have in your room is not going to work out.

The lighting when you are growing cannabis indoors will be an essential factor in determining how healthy they grow and how much yield they produce.

Cannabis Growing Lights

There are three main types of lights you can use to grow cannabis indoors:

  •      Fluorescent Grow Lights: They are the most popular kind of growing light among small-scale growers. They’re cheap to set up and they come in a package with reflectors and ballasts.
  •      HID Grow Lights: High-Intensity Discharge lights are built for the industrial scale production, to be honest. They’re sturdy and more efficient when it comes to producing better light for the marijuana plants. The one problem they do have is the excessive heat they produce.
  •      LED Grow Lights: Light emitting diode grow lights are the best of the bunch when it comes to producing light efficiently without wasting electricity on the heat. They also last much longer than HIDs and Fluorescent grow lights. The issue is that they’re costly to set up.

Give The Plant The Gift Of Air

Cannabis plants, like all other plants, need fresh air if they are going to grow to be healthy and produce a good yield. So when you are growing cannabis indoors, you need to make sure that the grow room has a steady supply of fresh air going through it. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult a task.

You need to place an exhaust fan right at the top of the grow room so that the warmer air is taken out and then you can set an inlet towards the opposite side at the bottom.

Not only does the exhaust fan provide your plants a fresh supply of air, it also helps to regulate the temperatures in the grow room. How? The excess heat being produced by the lights is going to be taken out by the exhaust fan because hot air rises and it will accumulate at the top.


You have just struck two birds with one stone. You have both your air supply problem and your climate control problem solved for growing cannabis indoors.

Monitoring And Controls

Now that you are past the selection process for the lights and the climatic conditions you will need to set up when you are growing cannabis indoors, you will have to figure out how you are going to monitor and control the conditions.

There are units available for purchase in the market which will control everything from the lights to the humidity and even the temperature in the grow room.

The thing is that they’re too expensive. When you’re a beginner, all you really need is an exhaust fan that as an adjustable speed and a timer for the lights.

There should be 16 hours of light available for the plants when they’re younger. During the times they’re flowering, you need to give them 12 hours of light every 24 hours.

You will set the thermostat to the ideal temperature of 58 degrees F to 85 Degrees F. Then you can set the speed of the exhaust fans to control this temperature. 

Water Your Plants

Yes, this is definitely one of the obvious ones but just watering your crop when you’re growing cannabis indoors is not the end of it. You need to be cautious.

When people are watering the plants in their gardens, they never think about the quality of the water that they use. You should make sure that the water you’re using is free from any fungi or pathogens.

Cannabis plants are very sensitive and vulnerable. Some places also happen to have water that’s high in chlorine. That’s something better for drinking but not too good for your marijuana plants.

Make sure that you are using clean water and make sure that you’re not overwatering your cannabis plant. Honestly, that’s all there is to it. Just keep on adding nutrients to the soil like you would with any other plant and you’re good to grow cannabis indoors.

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