Getting the Best Aroma & Taste From Your Marijuana Plant

Getting the Best Aroma & Taste From Your Marijuana Plant

Most of the people who grow marijuana have a lot of concern about the yield of their marijuana plant. They want to know how to get the most flowers from their plants. For many others, the aroma and taste of their marijuana buds is also a critical factor.

If you’ve been wondering how you can get the best out of your marijuana and encourage stronger flavors and smells, you’re in luck. When you have finished reading this post. You will know how you can better encourage your marijuana plant to grow buds that can give you a better taste and smell.

Learning The Basics Is Top Priority

If you want to learn how to improve the taste and the aroma. You need to know how to take care of a marijuana plant. It’s something that should not have to be mentioned but it’s necessary. Since many do overlook mastering the basics because they are in too much of a hurry.

This is advice, which is mainly aimed at the marijuana growers who are new to it. Practice a lot of patience and just learn how to best take care of the marijuana plant.

Maximizing the aroma and taste of your marijuana plant and improving the yield are something that will take some more time to learn.

We cannot stress enough that you need to learn how to grow your marijuana plants properly. From the beginning to the time you have to harvest. You need to know what is the best time for you to harvest your marijuana plant so that you get the best bud quality possible.

Harvesting is not where the process ends. Once you’ve harvested your plants, you also need to know about the basics of when you’re drying your harvested marijuana plant. It’s an essential factor when it comes to getting the aroma and taste of your marijuana plant.

Learn. The Basics. Master them. Once you have these two fundamental things figured out, you can be on your way to improve the aroma and taste of your marijuana plants.

Detailed Look At How To Improve Aroma and Taste Of Marijuana Plant

With all of the things that have been said. We will take a look at some of the detailed steps. Steps you can take to ensure that you get better potency from your buds and the aroma and taste.

These things are what come after you have mastered the basics of growing and taking care of your marijuana plant. You shouldn’t dabble with these things unless you are well in tune with the basics.

Maximizing Terpenoids and Terpenes In Marijuana Plants

There are chemicals, which are present in all marijuana plant buds called terpenes. They’re not that well known but it is because of terpenes that marijuana buds get their distinctive taste and smells.

This means if you want to increase the aroma and taste of your marijuana plant. You need to improve the potency of your marijuana plant to produce terpenes. Within the terpenes are terpenoids, which also contribute to the aroma and taste of your marijuana plant.

Terpenes essentially are the chemical, which provides the smell of all plants in general. Growing your marijuana plant to have a stronger aroma and taste means that you have to encourage the levels of terpenes in your marijuana. Now, you have to remember that every strain has a different taste and smell.

That’s why you just can’t expect all of the marijuana plants you’re growing to taste and smell the same. So when you are encouraging your marijuana plant to have a lot of terpenes. You are strengthening the smell and taste that is particular to the strain that your marijuana plant is from.

Increasing Terpene & Terpenoid Levels In Marijuana Plant

Increasing the number of terpenoids and the terpenes subsequently requires you to cause a bit of stress to your marijuana plant. It is imperative to mention that for you to be able to successfully stress out your marijuana plant and encourage higher levels of terpenes. You need to know to take care of your plant.

It would suck that your plant ends up dying just because you wanted it to have a stronger aroma and taste.

The experience is important because it will help you understand exactly how much stress you can apply to your marijuana plant to encourage the terpenoid levels to increase without killing it.

If you apply too much stress to your marijuana plant.  You might just decrease the yield of your plant or you could kill it.

There has to be a fine line that you have to figure out. You need to apply just the right amount of stress on your plant over a period. You should do this in a consistent manner.

The best time to do it is when your plant is at the flowering stage. Earlier than that, the plant is too vulnerable to be able to take the stress.

If you can get the stress application on your marijuana plant done just right, you will find that the marijuana buds will have a stronger aroma and taste. A bonus of this process is that it also increases the trichome levels in your marijuana buds, which means a more potent plant.

Low-Stress Training

If you’re wondering how you can apply stress to your plant without damaging it, you can quickly start by just bending the stem of the plant but gently. It’s called Low-Stress Training. During this process, make sure you’re not coming into contact with the buds of the marijuana plant, just the stem.

Super Cropping

Then there is also the method of super cropping that you can use. The fact that it is a very tricky way to go about applying stress to your marijuana plant is why you should be very careful. It involves breaking particular parts of the stem from your marijuana plant from within.

You will be breaking the stem but not causing any damage to the exterior of the plant in any way.

It requires quite a bit of skill.

You have to apply just enough pressure to break the stem from within without causing any damage to the exterior of the stem. If you can do this process correctly. You will see remarkable results.

The number of ways in which you can stress out your marijuana plant to encourage terpenoid and terpene levels are endless. You should stick to the basics when you start and pick up on more ways to do it with experience.

Drying and Curing Process

Just like how you were told that you should practice plenty of patience when you were growing the marijuana plant, you need to practice some more when you are done with the harvest.

Drying and curing your marijuana plant is as important as the process of growing the plant to get the most potency and intense aroma and taste from your marijuana plant. After the harvest, you need to hang the plants upside down for 10 days. Yes, even though some might go for a week at best, 10 days is the recommended amount of time you leave it hanging.

Your marijuana plants need to dry slowly over a period. That means if you’re in an area where the climate is dry, you need to create a room where you hang them so that they are not exposed to the elements and dry up too quickly.

Never try to speed up the drying process and leave the leaves on the plant so that extra bit of moisture from the leaves helps the plant to dry slower than it would otherwise.

Lastly, the curing process and you’ll be good to go. Once your plant has sufficiently dried after having been hung upside down for 10 days, you should extract the buds.

Now, something to consider; the buds should not be totally bone dry. They have to have a tiny bit of moisture left in them.

When the plant is dry to the touch, the buds from your marijuana plant are ready to be picked and cured. Place them in a jar and seal it tightly.

For three weeks time, you should open the jar on a daily basis and then close it.

Once the three weeks are up, you’re good to go. See the results for yourself and enjoy!