Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit


Clear Choice Sub-Solution was launched in 2002 and 17 years later, this product still thrives as being the best in its class. Passing a supervised test becomes easy with Clear Choice® Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine Kit formula. Sub Solution fake urine sample is undetectable, toxin-free and works 100% effectively.

This fake pee is manufactured using 11 different chemical compounds including uric acid and urea. For this reason, Sub Solution Synthetic Urine sample mimics all the characteristics of real human urine. In fact, it is the perfect balance of specific gravity, creatinine and pH levels etc.

Moreover, the clear choice offers a patented heat activator formula along with this fake urine. How is it beneficial? This heating activating powder helps to raise the temperature of the urine sample equivalent to the average human temperature, which makes it undetectable. No doubt that Clear Choice offers the best synthetic urine formula available on the market today!

Highlights of Sub Solution – The Best Synthetic Urine Kit

  • Their secret formula contains uric acid and urea, just like the real deal.
  • This formula is a balance of pH, specific gravity and creatinine levels.
  • Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is 100% effective for a urine drug test.
  • This best synthetic urine is undetectable and comes in a standard size container.
  • Not to mention, this fake urine sample is toxin free and comes along with an ideal heat source, which raises the temperature of the urine sample within just a few seconds.
  • Regardless of your sex (male or female), you can use this fake pee sample without any hassle.

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