States Likely to See Marijuana Legalization Last

States Likely to See Marijuana Legalization Last

Awareness about marijuana is fast increasing and so is the legalization of marijuana across the different states. Cannabis happens to be legal in some way or the other. In over half the states in the US right now with more states expected to follow soon. So the state likely to see Marijuana legalized last.

With more research being done every day. People are starting to realizing the fact that cannabis is not the demonic drug from hell.

That being said, some states are still fighting to legalize marijuana. Legislations made by lawmakers in some of the states just won’t budge in their stance towards cannabis.

They don’t care about the fact that most of the people in the states want legalization. They are still just waving around theories about how cannabis is highly addictive. All these theories can be proven wrong! 

All things considered, here are the states which are most likely to legalize marijuana last (if they ever will).


Oh, sweet home Alabama. If there is one fact about the politicians and bureaucrats in the state of Alabama, it’s that they’re truly the people to look up to if you want to stop progress.

Politicians in the state of Alabama do not seem like they are going to budge. Especially when it comes to the legalization of marijuana since they want to stick to their archaic ways. Alongside that, they are competing with each other to see who is the most stubborn when it comes to defying progress.

In spite of the few pro-cannabis lawmakers in Alabama Legislature. There is no real support among the majority of the politicians to legalize marijuana. It might just happen at some point. But that point in time is beyond the horizon and we don’t know when that will come.


Ah, yes. The Mormon majority state. Utah is the only state in the US that has a population that consists mainly of Mormons. It also happens to be the one state that’s the most conservative.

To get a better idea of how old school the lawmakers in Utah are. You should know that they passed a law which prohibits the use of cannabis back in 1915. That’s more than 20 years before the federal prohibition of cannabis in 1937.

There was some significant progress made by the legislature regarding legalizing marijuana. When they made an exception from 2014 about the use of CBD only for the people who are suffering from epilepsy. This year saw more progress with the legalization of marijuana. Utah lawmakers allowing the use of medicinal cannabis.

Sound too good to be true? That’s because it is.

The only people allowed to use cannabis? Are those suffering from terminal illnesses and have less than 6 months to live. This is them trying to destabilize the ballot. The people who advocate legalizing the use of marijuana are taking the initiative. They are aiming to make medicinal cannabis accessible for more patients. 


Idaho is surprisingly quite a closed-minded state when it comes to its legislature and the legalization of marijuana. The fact that it has a proximity to Washington and Oregon seems to have not affected the lawmakers in Idaho.

Both of those states have gone forward with the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is even legal for recreational use in those two states. Yet Idaho remains as one of the two states that don’t even recognize cannabis as being medicinal.

The governor Butch Otter derailed a bill that was going to allow the use of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound, to be used for the treatment of patients suffering from seizures.

Yes, it IS that bad over there.

Only in the most critical of situations should the government use their power to veto. Governor Butch over in Idaho happened to think that legalization of marijuana only for the treatment of seizures is such a situation.

Any attempts to lax the laws on cannabis have failed miserably over there and the bureaucrats do not look like they’ll budge any time soon.


Kansas really takes the cake when it comes to absurdity (not perseverance) against all odds. The legislature of Kansas happens to be the second one of the two states in the entire US that refuse to recognize the medicinal potential of cannabis.

This is in the face of over 75% approval ratings from the people of Kansas. Legalization of marijuana, in light of all this, seems like it will be a very long time coming in the state of Kansas.

People are fighting hard for the legalization of marijuana in the state of Kansas but the lawmakers in Kansas are adamant in their stance and do not seem like they will budge.

Kansas generally has some of the harshest laws in the country. They have even been cases where parents and children have been separated because the parents were using cannabis. It does not matter to them that most cases are the medicinal use of cannabis.


If there is one state that does beat Utah concerning the conservative population, it is undoubtedly Wyoming. It happens to be one of the three most conservative states in the US and for good reason.

According to the polls by Gallup, Wyoming it is among the top three most conservative states which include North Dakota and Mississippi.

That being said, they did pass a bill allowing the use of CBD only for medicinal purposes but the requirements make it so inaccessible that it is not considered to be a state that has legalized marijuana for medical use.

If the state of Wyoming catches you with a few good buds. You will face a $1000 fine and even a year in the can!

If you’re not caught in possession but you’re still high, they can fine you for $750 and lock you up for 6 months.

In Conclusion

While it may seem wrong, these are the states that are worst off. The movement against the prohibition of cannabis is growing stronger every day and there will soon come a day that there will be a country-wide legalization of marijuana.