How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test - Drug Testing Solutions

Over the past few decades, we have seen the marijuana legalization movement gaining steam. With multiple states legalizing cannabis not just for its medicinal benefits, but also for recreational use.

The first question was regarding the legalization of marijuana. But it has swiftly changed to which state will be the next to legalize marijuana?. Yet, despite these massive steps ahead, we still need to make a lot of progress, especially as the number of recreational cannabis users has increased by such a significant amount. This is thanks to the change in the legal status. 

Tolerance for cannabis users has not increased enough in two specific areas: the workplace and law enforcement.

It’s because at the federal level marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug. It is literally in the same category as LSD or cocaine, despite the fact that it is legal! Can you imagine the use of coke or LSD for medicinal purposes without some side effects?

Thanks to its federal legal status, both law-enforcement officials and workplaces can administer mandatory drug tests without giving any prior notice at all. This even applies to states that have legalized cannabis. This sort of drug testing falls under federal law and can result in immediate dismissal.

As always, driving while under the influence of cannabis is as illegal as ever and totally punishable under the law.

The change in the legal status of marijuana has not only led to an increase in the number of cannabis smokers, but also in the frequency of drug tests administered by employers and law enforcement officials.

And this begs the question: is it fair that you run the risk of losing your job or spending time in prison just for your pursuit of a legal and enjoyable activity?

Should you really have to give up on a lifestyle that causes harm to no one? Well, we firmly believe the answer to that is a hard no. It’s not easy to get around drug tests, but it is definitely achievable with the right information.

First of all, you need to figure out which drug test is most difficult to pass.  Traditional urine tests tend to be slower and more expensive. Their results are generally available after a few days. It’s still a popular way to test for the use of drugs.

Thanks to its efficiency and accuracy, there is a new trend to skew towards mouth swab drug tests, which are far quicker and cheaper. That’s why we’re going to be looking at a few simple ways to successfully pass a saliva drug test.

How Does a Mouth Swab Drug Test Detect Marijuana?

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Before getting into how can you evade a saliva drug test, let’s get into how does it work. Both mouth swab drug test and urine drug test work by detecting certain drug toxins but they test for different compounds. When it comes to detecting the presence of marijuana, a standard urine drug test looks for a different sort of toxins than a saliva drug test.

Pee drug tests will be looking for THC-COOH, a metabolite that is formed when the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, reacts with your body. THC is the ingredient that causes your body to feel high when you consume marijuana. This metabolite is the key indicator in case of a urine drug test.

On the other hand, a saliva drug test detects the THC component itself instead of its metabolite ‘THC-COOH’. Once you’ve inhaled marijuana smoke, there will be small traces of THC that will remain inside your mouth. These THC traces do not remain in the mouth long, you can pass a mouth swab drug test within a couple of days after smoking marijuana.

Where THC-COOH remains detectable in your urine for almost a month. If you are up for a mouth swab drug test, consider yourself lucky. Why? It’s because lab testers will not test for the metabolites. So, if you haven’t smoked up recently you’re not likely to get a positive test result.

Can I Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test If I Haven’t Smoked Recently?

So, does that mean there’s no chance of a saliva drug test to come up positive if you haven’t smoked recently? Well, the answer to this question actually depends on a couple of other factors: your smoking habits and dental hygiene.

There are quite a few aspects of how long cannabis will be detectable in the body. When you submit a sample for a saliva swab drug test, you only have a risk of failing it if you happen to have a large concentration of THC in your saliva. Interestingly the legal limit for how much THC you can have inside your saliva varies from state to state.

This drug test has a threshold limit to which it can detect any traces of THC in the saliva. There will be a detectable amount of THC in your mouth for up to two to three days after smoking marijuana. However, this number can go up to seven days for people with poor oral and dental hygiene.

What does this mean? The drug test may turn up positive if your dental hygiene habits are poor, even if you haven’t smoked recently. Additionally, the traceability of the THC also depends on your smoking habits. If you are a heavy and frequent user of the drug, you are likely to have a positive result than light or infrequent user.

How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test in A Few Days?

Have you got a few days notice before facing an oral fluid drug test at the workplace? Well, that is excellent and increases your chances of passing a saliva drug test. You just have to abstain from the use of cannabis and maintain good oral hygiene.

 Drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly, is also awesome. Each activity will help to increase your chances of a negative test result.

People who don´t want to abstain from marijuana should use edibles instead of smoking marijuana. Why? Because edibles leave behind a level of THC in the mouth which is significantly lower than smoking does. However, we would still advise abstinence.

If the situation arises and you have no pre-notice of a test. For example in the event of a workplace accident, you don´t have enough time to abstain. You also don´t have the opportunity to wait for the THC to pass out of your saliva by itself.

What should you do in such situations? Well, here’s what you need to learn.

How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test in A Few Hours?

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It’s unfortunate, but too many workplace drug testing policies allow employers to administer drug tests with little or no notice in advance at all. This means that you will only have a few hours before submitting the sample. In this case, you have a few options left for passing a saliva drug test.

The best strategy is to drink a lot of fluids in a very short amount of time. This will help you flush out the traces of THC present in your mouth.

You also need to step up your dental game immediately and thoroughly. Brush your teeth over & over again and use mouthwash.

Every effort you will make is going to help remove THC from the crevices of your mouth. Ensure cleaning the tongue & the roof of your mouth as you brush your teeth since THC could be trapped there.

Finally, eat foods that have a high degree of fat content. THC is a compound that is fat soluble. Meaning, it will be absorbed into the fat as it passes through your mouth and goes into your stomach. Finish up with a final session of brushing, flossing & mouthwash and you are done with everything you can do for passing a saliva drug test.

How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test in A Few Minutes?

Passing a drug test with only a few hours notice can be stressful, but as you have seen, it´s a manic but manageable process. When things get really tricky, you will have to submit your saliva sample in just a few minutes.

If you’re pulled over on the side of the road by a cop or if your company decides to do an arbitrary drug test, what should you do? You simply do not have the time to drink a ton of water or brush your teeth.

If you simply do not have the time to pass the drug test by these conventional methods, the only thing you can do is to mask the THC that present in your saliva. You can accomplish this through various oral cleaning products that are available in the market.

However, when it comes to masking THC, it is highly recommended that you choose a reputable brand. There are way too many fake products out there and you don’t want to find out that you were scammed at exactly the wrong moment.

One company that we recommend is Clear Choice, a brand that has been around for around 25 years and that has consistently produced quality drug detox products.oral clear gum

Clear Choice produces an Oral Clear Gum that can be used as a foolproof solution if you only have a few minutes for passing the drug test. It’s a high-quality product that will mask the THC present in your saliva in just a matter of seconds. All you have to do is pop the gum in your mouth and bite it before swishing the fluid inside your mouth.

In 30 seconds, the adulterant will mask the THC in your mouth. Any saliva sample taken from your mouth in the next 30 minutes will be clean. It’s an excellent handy product if you are worried about facing this test randomly at any point. Take care of your dental hygiene and make sure you have some Oral Clear Gum in your back pocket.

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