Which Fake Urine Kit is the best?

Which Synthetic Urine Is The Best?

Fake urine kits are one of the most popular ways to get around a urine drug test. This rise in popularity has led to laboratory groups developing more and more sophisticated urine drug tests, which means that you need to be careful when purchasing a synthetic urine kit.

It’s not so easy to find a synthetic urine that’s effective against these updated drug tests, but by understanding the situation in which you can use the product, and choosing a reputable brand, you can still pass one of these tests. The good news for recreational marijuana users is that there do exist companies that provide advanced drug testing solutions.

You just have to do your research. And we have done it for you!

Given how advanced urine drug tests are these days, synthetic urine is not the foolproof drug testing solution that it once used to be. The only way you can pass a drug test using fake pee is by only getting the best product.

These days, urine drug tests are also able to check for signs that a sample has been faked. Labs look for signs such as the color and smell to figure out whether the submitted sample is the real thing or not.

As lab groups continue to develop more and more sophisticated testing methods to check for synthetic urine, and as the amount of supervision during sample collection increases, it has become more challenging to use a fake urine sample to pass drug tests. However, there is still good news for you!

Companies that provide drug testing solutions are also making upgrades to their products. And that’s why, if you choose the right brand, you can still pass a drug test using synthetic urine.

Does a Fake Urine Kit Even Work Anymore?

Fake Urine Kit

Do you find yourself asking and worrying, can synthetic urine be detected in a drug test?

Well, a good quality fake urine kit will protect you even if you smoked a few minutes before the test, making it the best choice for heavy marijuana users. After all, synthetic urine is what issued to calibrate urine drug tests to get a standard for the tests. Quality products will give the ideal test result. No matter how much you’ve smoked, you can get away with it by using an excellent synthetic urine kit.

For chronic smokers, this is the best option, since they often cannot detoxify their system effectively enough before submitting a sample.

Ideal Factors for Using Synthetic Urine Kits

There are certain situations when using a synthetic urine kit should pay well. The ideal scenario is when the test is unsupervised. If you don’t have to submit the urine sample under direct supervision, you can use the synthetic urine cavalierly. All you have to do is pour out the synthetic urine into the sample jar you’ve been given and submit it.

You may be worried about having your pockets checked, in which case you should use Clear Choice’s Incognito Belt. This is a synthetic urine belt which allows you to discreetly keep the urine on you before the test.

However, it’s not too common to have unsupervised tests anymore, given how everyone knows about the illicit use of synthetic urine. But that’s no reason to panic. Even supervised drug tests don’t involve you pulling your pants down in front of the testers.

You can continue to use synthetic urine with a belt.  You can also use premixed synthetic urine on a belt like the Sweet Pee Deluxe for example. These have a prosthetic that comes in up to five shades of color so you can find one that matches your skin!

As we keep stressing over and over again, the most important thing is that you use the best quality synthetic urine available to you. There are a plethora of fake products on the market that ruthlessly scam their customers.

Remember, drug testing labs are more adept than ever at spotting fake urine. Do not make the fatal error of using low quality and cheap products, or the lab will be able to detect components that are usually present in real human urine, and you could face charges of tampering with your urine sample.

When Should You Avoid The Use Of Fake Pee?

If you have the time to detox your body, it’s best to do that instead. You can also take the time to detox if you smoked the marijuana a long time ago. If you’re under strict supervision, there’s not much point in using synthetic urine. In all of these cases, avoid using fake urine, and utilize other methods instead.

Fun Fact

The first thing that the lab will look for in your sample is its temperature. It’s the easiest way to check if your urine is real or fake. Urine’s temperature is supposed to be close to your body temperature. If the temperature doesn’t match the specified range, the lab won’t even bother to send the sample for further testing.

How to Hide Your Fake Urine Kit for Supervised Test?

Hiding the synthetic urine kit is a stressful but essential aspect of using it to pass a drug test. What’s worse than failing a drug test? Getting caught trying to cheat. No one wants that.

Depending on the specifics of your situation, you can handle this problem in whatever manner best suits you. Different testing facilities will have different rules and requirements for the way they conduct their test. You should, therefore, conduct some extensive research on the facility that will be testing you, especially their testing methods if you can.

Certain facilities do require you to pull down your pants in front of them, and might ask you to lift up your shirt as well to minimize the risk of cheating. In such a high-risk situation, you need to be careful about hiding the drug test kit.

There are a few ways you can hide the kit. Go through the options we list and then figure out which one sounds like it might be the one for you.

Get a stash belt and store the synthetic urine kit there. Alternatively, you can purchase comfortable stash underwear that looks like typical men’s underwear & stash the urine there. You can also tie it along with your inner thigh, or use a bag attached to your waist.

If you’re a woman, you also have the option of considering whether you might want to use your lady parts to hide the bottle. If that’s too much for you, you can store the urine in a sports bra and cover it up with a loose shirt.

Some of these methods might seem off-putting, but it’s up to you to decide what to do for your specific predicament. After all, the off-color methods do have a higher chance of success.

The Checking For Adulterants

fake urine kits

These days, urine drug tests are also able to check for signs that a sample has been faked. Labs look for signs such as the color and smell to figure out whether the submitted sample is the real thing or not. They also look for the following factors:

The Color and Smell – This is one of the first things that will be checked for. After all, every human being is cognizant of the fact that urine looks and smells a particular way. This isn’t an official part of the test, but it’s common sense. If your urine doesn’t look and smell like real urine, it’s going to send a red flag to the testers. This is one reason people have vitamin B when they are diluting their natural urine so that it gets that yellow color.

  • Urea – A compound found in natural human urine.
  • Glutaraldehyde – An adulterant that can mask the presence of THC-COOH, a metabolite formed when THC reacts with the body. Glutaraldehyde is not found in real human urine.
  • Uric Acid – Another compound naturally found in real human urine.
  • Temperature – The temperature of the urine should be slightly higher than the body temperature. Forgetting about this is the most common mistake made when using synthetic urine.
  • pH Level – This should be between 8 to 4.6. Anything slightly above or below qualifies the sample as being valid but if the sample submitted doesn’t come within this range, it will be considered invalid.
  • Creatinine – This is the compound that gives your urine that yellow color. Low creatinine levels in your urine indicate diluted urine, which is a major cause for concern.

Best Way to Pass A Urine Drug Test?

So just which brand should you use to pass your drug test? Which brand has the product that will reliably replicate the characteristics drug testing facilities are looking for?Quick Luck Premium Premixed Synthetic Urine

Well, we have a foolproof recommendation for you. Clear Choice is one of the most reputable and trusted companies when it comes to drug testing solutions. It’s been in the marketplace for at least 25 years now and produces a variety of solutions that have time and again proven their efficacy even against modern drug tests.

One of Clear Choice’s most popular products is their Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine, which is one of the highest quality synthetic urine available. Even as drug testing equipment has become more sophisticated, Clear Choice has continued to update their formula. Quick Luck convincingly mimics all of the chemical and physical properties of urine, including color and smell.

What’s more? It is incredibly easy to use, as it comes with a heating powder that brings the urine sample to the right temperature in a matter of minutes, where other brands will need nearly half an hour to bring it up to the right temperature.

The Quick Luck Premium Premixed solution is available online and shipped in discreet packaging in as little as one day.