5 Unexpected Marijuana Jobs You Can Apply For

The 5 Unexpected Marijuana Related Jobs You Can Apply For

The most commonly used self administered drug in America is caffeine. We can all agree to that.

Right after that, however, comes our favorite herb to smoke – Marijuana.

The marijuana industry is seeing plenty of growth. There is a proper sector for jobs pertaining to the marijuana industry known as ancillary services. It’s just a fancy term for services that are related to marijuana in all the manners possible.

Legalizing weed can create jobs.

There are jobs available to work for the marijuana industry all over the country and they are on the rise with more and more states opting to legalize the medicinal plant.

There are even jobs that allow you to be able to work from the comfort of your home.

The marijuana industry is seeing a rapid growth in the U.S. in recent times with well over 100,000 people with jobs that have something to do with marijuana.

If the U.S. federal government decides to legalize marijuana in all its forms and sizes, there is an estimated number of over 1 million new marijuana jobs that the industry can create for the people of America.

Not only that, New Frontier Data even came up with the estimate of how these new jobs will affect the federal tax revenue by 2025. The figures they have come up with, show that if the federal government legalizes marijuana, it can mean that the federal tax revenue will see an additional $132 billion in its yield.

Nowadays, more people are looking for jobs that have something to do with marijuana than ever before. You do not necessarily even have to be someone who smokes marijuana to get a job because there are plenty of jobs that do not require you to even touch weed.

Oh and the best thing about these jobs? You guessed it. No Drug Tests to get in your way!

If you’re thinking about applying for a job related to the marijuana industry but don’t know where to start, let us provide you with the list of marijuana-related jobs you can apply for.

You can look for which one is best suited for your skill set and start applying!

marijuana jobs

1. Lab Technician or Researcher

Marijuana jobs are out there for the people in the science community. There’s an increasing need for testing marijuana related products now with the increasing legalized use of the herb and that’s why labs are there to act as third-party testers for marijuana products.

There are proper jobs available from undergraduate level right up to PhDs. From assistant researching jobs to proper chemical analysts, the field is wide open.

The job basically requires you to test the chemical properties of marijuana extracts and edibles.

It’s an interesting prospect for those individuals who wanted to combine science and marijuana but haven’t been able to figure out how to earn money from it.

2. Marijuana Blog Writer

Yes, there are jobs in publishing out therefor marijuana writers. There are plenty of marijuana job opportunities springing up all over the World Wide Web for those consumers who also have a knack for writing.

Marijuana jobs like writing and editing for publications like the one reading right now are growing.

There are even proper content writing and copy writing firms who are hiring people that have a knack for writing about marijuana. You can charge per word or per article or even grab yourself a sweet deal for regular monthly articles.

If you’re a talented writer and weed enthusiastic and wanna write for us, be sure to get in touch!

3. Weed Photographer

marijuana jobsPhoto Credit Malte Wingen

What could possibly be more fun than a photography and video editing job in the marijuana industry?

There are plenty of creative minds out there that make use of this magical herb to amplify the flow of their creative juices. They can actually put all of that good energy to use in order to make money.

There are plenty of product photography jobs being offered by marijuana companies and publications working on marijuana.

There are also a good number of events dedicated to marijuana and they require photography and video coverage.

The photographers have an important role to play in getting the marijuana industry recognized.

4. Marijuana Sales

Have a knack for selling products and love marijuana? There are plenty of marijuana-related jobs out there that require the expertise of experienced salespeople to fill up the slots.

Yes, bud tending and retail positions are there as well but there is so much more to it. There is a necessity for managerial positions and accounting executives as well in the marijuana industry.

These jobs in the marijuana industry may even require you to have a good degree from a business college and they are some of the best-paid jobs in the marijuana industry right now.

5. Graphic Designer

marijuana jobsphoto credit | rawpixel

Yes, designers. The marijuana industry also needs graphic designers.

There are so many opportunities out there in terms of marijuana jobs for graphic designers that it’s impossible to count. From product branding jobs to full-blown website designing jobs, the possibilities are endless.

Marijuana has not enjoyed a good perception by society for the longest time and things are changing. It is imperative for the marijuana industry to gain a more respectable way of being seen by society and graphic designers are going to be crucial for that to happen.

How the marijuana products look is more important than you’d think. There is a need for better-looking designs that will be appealing to the more high-end users.

Marijuana is no longer something that you can just link to hippie stoners.

People from all walks of life now use the popular plant and graphic designers are in the thick of the marijuana industry making them look the way they should.

In Conclusion

All of the marijuana-related jobs are barely even the tip of the iceberg. The marijuana industry is seeing substantial growth in the U.S. and there will be many more ways in which people can find marijuana-related jobs and become benefactors to the marijuana culture.

Whatever your skill set is, there will probably be a job in the marijuana industry for you right now.

It’s always good to work in a field where you find genuine joy in. It’s where you’re most productive and are actually able to make a difference.

It doesn’t get more rewarding than that.