How to Pass a Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours

how to pass a drug test in 24 hours

Despite the obvious fact that America is a nation that loves its weed. There is still a must for many heavy marijuana users to learn how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours!!

The problem is that even as states legalize marijuana. The federal law says it’s still an illegal substance. Plus, drug testing falls under federal jurisdiction as well. This means that you can lose your job if you fail a drug test. Even when the state you reside in has legalized marijuana.

Despite the economy still recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. The competition in the job market is solid. Then drug testing poses yet another stiff challenge to both potential recruits and employees.

Fortunately, there are still ways we can pass a urine drug test without having to change our lifestyle. In fact, learning how to pass this in 24 hours has become something of a necessity for those of us who don’t want to lose our jobs. We also do not want to change a part of our lifestyle. Especially, a part we enjoy so much! So the question remains, how can I flush my system for a drug test?

How long does marijuana stay in the system?

how to pass a drug test in 24 hours
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How long does marijuana stay in the system? Well, the relevance of the answer largely depends on the type of drug test you will take. When it comes to urine drug tests. The first thing to know is how long marijuana remains in your system.

Urine drug tests look for traces of THC-COOH. This refers to the metabolite that forms. When THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, reacts with your body. THC-COOH remains in the system for a lot longer than it takes for the effects of marijuana to fade away.

You can stop feeling high after some hours. But THC-COOH gets absorbed and contained by the fat cells in your body. When the body burns fat cells, this releases the THC-COOH back into your system. This is how it reaches your urine.

Marijuana can be detected in urine for up to 90 days. This figure depends significantly on factors like your body mass index (BMI). Also as well as smoking habits such as your frequency and dosage. This is why marijuana remains detectable over such a long timeframe.

Especially in comparison to other drugs. More dangerous drugs pass out of your system relatively quickly. No wonder then that the vast majority of positive drug test results are from marijuana.

If you’re up against a urine test. The test is in a couple of weeks. Make use of detox drinks to help your system get rid of the marijuana compounds. These are a popular option for passing drug tests if you’re a light user. And there is some time to go before you have to submit a urine sample. These drinks prevent the body from producing and releasing any surplus THC that will then be detected in the urine.

Yes, it is true that there is no way to artificially speed up the process of expelling marijuana from the body.

The body needs to expel the metabolites naturally to get rid of the toxins. The immune system works with the spleen and kidneys. together they expel THC toxins. So the claim that these toxins can be flushed out within hours by drinking detox beverages is apparent gibberish.

You can only help the body get rid of these toxins by drinking plenty of water, getting exercise, having a healthy diet, and absolutely abstaining from marijuana until the test has taken place.

The duration for which the THC and its metabolites will remain in your body largely depends on your smoking habits.

 For instance,

  • if you only smoked once the THC-COOH can be detectable for up to 4 days.
  • light cannabis smoker, it will be present in your urine for a little over 2/3 weeks.
  • fairly regular consumer, it will be detectable for up to 1 month.
  • heavy user, it can be present in your system for up to 77 to 80 days!

In any case, it is essential for you to know how to pass a drug test. If you’ve received notification well in advance Then you are lucky! You can just stop smoking and wait for your system to detox on its own.

However, there are times when mandatory urine drug tests are issues without notice. When the timeline is this short. Then quick, you need to resort to relatively drastic measures because your body just doesn’t have the time to detox.

How to Pass A Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours

How to Pass A Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours

Urine drug tests have been the most popular type of test for many years. It is the oldest method in existence. Therefore, people have found a variety of ways how to pass a urine test on short notice.

There are many methods for how to pass a urine drug test. However, drug testing methods have caught up with most of them. This is because the drug testing equipment has advanced with time. For this reason, it’s necessary to be smarter than the test.

Detox Drinks

These work best for light to moderate-heavy users. They work by flushing out your system and masking the THC metabolites in your system. The drinks will either stop the THC metabolites from being released into your urine and bloodstream for a temporary timeframe.

There are for this product, but we recommend Clear Choice, a long established brand that manufactures the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

On the day you have to submit the sample for the urine drug test. You need to consume the drink along with a large quantity of water. Urinate as much as possible before submitting the sample. By the time you have to go in for the drug test, your urine sample should be clear of any THC content.

Synthetic Urine

Detox drinks are unlikely to be enough for heavy users to clear the THC out of their systems.  They also cannot submit their urine sample for the drug test. Obviously, there’s no way that it could be free of THC. They will need to resort to a high-quality synthetic urine kit. This will replicate the chemical and physical properties of human urine. Even the color and smell.

Does Synthetic Urine Even Work?

The short answer to that question is a definite OH YEAH. Synthetic urine can help any heavy drug user pass a urine drug test, as long as it is from a quality brand. Synthetic urine from quality brands are used to calibrate the equipment used to test urine samples. So use a recommended product and you should be good to go.

A good quality synthetic urine kit will protect you even if you smoked a few minutes before the test, making it the best choice for heavy Potheads. After all, synthetic urine is what is issued to calibrate urine drug tests to get a standard for the tests. Quality products will give the ideal test result. No matter how much you’ve smoked. You can pass with it by using an excellent synthetic urine kit.

For us chronic smokers, this is the only option. Since we cannot detoxify our systems effectively enough before submitting a sample.

These days, urine drug tests are also able to check for signs that a sample has been faked. Labs look for signs such as the color and temperature to figure out whether the submitted sample is the real thing or not. They also look for the following factors:

The Color and Smell – This is one of the first things that will get checked in your test. After all, every human being is familiar with the particular look and smell of urine. This isn’t an official part of the test. It’s common sense. If your urine doesn’t look and smell like real urine, it’s going to send a red flag to the testers. This is one reason people have vitamin B when they are diluting their natural urine so that it gets that yellow color.

Urea – A compound found in natural human urine.

Glutaraldehyde – An adulterant that can mask the presence of THC-COOH, a metabolite formed when THC reacts with the body. Real human urine does not contain Glutaraldehyde.

Uric Acid – Another compound naturally found in real human urine.

Temperature – The temperature of the urine should be slightly higher than the body temperature. The most common mistake people make is forgetting about the temperature when using synthetic urine.

pH Level – This should be between 8 to 4.6. Anything slightly above or below qualifies the sample as being valid but if the sample submitted doesn’t come within this range, it will be considered invalid.

Creatinine – This is the compound that gives your urine that yellow colour. Low creatinine levels in your urine indicate diluted urine, which is a significant cause for concern.

That’s why you need to ensure that the brand you use will reliably replicate the characteristics drug testing facilities are looking for. Natural human urine varies from person to person, so there is no discernible standard for the urine analysis equipment to uphold. However, there are still common factors the lab will be looking for. Quality synthetic urine contains everything that natural human urine should and it provides a consistent standard for the lab equipment.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test in 24 Hour Using Synthetic Urine

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test in 24 Hour
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However, there are some important things to be kept in mind while using synthetic urine. For one, the technician will first check for the color of the urine, and then the temperature.

Real human urine has a temperature of around 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below that or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be an invalid sample.

Therefore, you have to ensure that your synthetic urine kit can replicate these conditions.

Clear Choice is one of the most reputable and trusted companies when it comes to drug testing solutions. It’s been in the marketplace for at least 25 years. It produces a variety of solutions that have time and again proven their efficacy even against modern drug tests.

Sub solution - Clear Choice

One of Clear Choice’s most popular products is their Sub Solution, which is one of the highest quality synthetic urine available. Even as drug testing equipment has become more sophisticated. Clear Choice has continued to update their 


The Sub Solution can convincingly mimic all of the chemical and physical properties of urine, including color and smell.

What’s more, it is incredibly easy to use, as it comes with a chemical heating powder that brings the urine sample to the right temperature in a matter of minutes. Other brands will need nearly an hour to bring it up to the right temperature.

The kit also contains a thermometer which you can use to gauge the temperature. There’s no need for a heating pad. The heating powder achieves the right temperature in a matter of minutes.

Quick Luck- The No.1 Premium Synthetic Urine KitQuick Luck Premium Premixed Synthetic Urine

Clear Choice’s well known Sub Solution Synthetic Urine was launched in 2002 and now 16 years later, after upgrading their urine formula in 2018, Clear Choice has launched their NEW Ultra Premium urine kit.

This new kit called Quick Luck comes as a 3oz premixed sample and includes not only the heat activator but 2 disposable heating pads as well.

These days for you to pass a supervised test It can be difficult but, Clear Choice are making it easier than ever.

When Can You Use Synthetic Urine?

There are certain situations when using a synthetic urine kit should bode well, such as when it is unsupervised. All you have to do is pour out the synthetic urine into the sample jar that you’ve been given and submit it.Incognito Belt with heat pads

You may be worried about having your pockets checked, in which case you should use Clear Choice’s Incognito Belt, which allows you to discreetly keep the urine on you before the test.

Even supervised drug tests don’t involve you pulling your pants down in front of the testers. You can continue to use synthetic urine with a belt.  You can also use premixed synthetic urine on a belt like the Sweet Pee Deluxe. This should work even if there’s a monitor nearby.

As we keep stressing over and over again, the most important thing is that you use the best quality synthetic urine available to you. There are a plethora of fake products on the market that ruthlessly scam their customers. Remember, drug testing labs are more adept than ever at spotting fake urine.

Do not make the fatal error of using low quality and cheap products. Otherwise, the lab will be able to detect that something is not right, and you could face charges of tampering with your urine sample.

If there is a monitor nearby, the situation becomes tricky, but you can still manage to work around this. Some synthetic urine kits have straps.

Final Thoughts

If you use a synthetic urine kit after following our instructions. You are guaranteed to pass a test. That said, the situation differs from lab to lab, so it helps if you have prior knowledge of the lab’s methods.

Good luck!