How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

It’s unfortunate that even in this day and age when marijuana is being decriminalized in so many states. The question of how long does weed stay in your system remains a relevant one. Sadly, however, the knowledge of how long marijuana remains in your system and is detectable through drug tests can help you pass any drug test. Especially one thrown at you by your place of work or law enforcement officers.

Given this sad state of affairs, how are we supposed to enjoy our smoke? When we’re always wondering how long the weed will remain in our system. Really how can we relax and enjoy this kushy plant to its fullest extent?

The amount of time cannabis remains in your system can differ for a variety of reasons. The frequency of your smoking habits, the last time you smoked, and your weight and metabolism rate are all factors in this equation. We need all these factors to determine, how long it takes for you to detoxify the weed from your system. By knowing how long the weed will remain in your system and is detectable by drug tests, you can figure out how to beat the system.

With that in mind, here’s some information that can help you figure out. How long does weed stay in your system?

How Long Can Weed be Detected in Urine?

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

The most common drug test is the urine drug test, Thanks both to their efficacy and their inexpensiveness. Given the popularity of urine drug tests. It makes sense for us to know how long weed remains detectable in your urine.

Urine drug tests will often look for THC-COOH, a metabolite that forms when THC reacts with your body. THC refers to that compound within the cannabis plant that gives you a high. The frequency of your smoking habits will play a hand in how much of the THC metabolite is present in your urine.

The detection of the TCH-COOH metabolite, it means that the person has consumed weed recently. The amount of time that your urine will contain the THC-COOH metabolite depends on several factors.

One of these is how often you like to smoke up. So if you….

  • smoked once, for instance, the THC-COOH will be detectable for up to 7 or 8 days.
  • light user, it will be present in your urine for a little over a couple of weeks.
  • fairly regular consumer, it will be detectable for up to a month.
  • heavy user, it can be present in your system for up to 77 to 80 days!

The fat-soluble THC-COOH compound gets stored in your body’s fat reserves with frequent usage as time goes on. It is the frequency of usage that determines how long the THC metabolites are detectable in the urine.

Passing Urine Drug Tests

There are many methods for how to pass a urine drug test but with time. The drug testing equipment has advanced a lot. For this reason, it is necessary to be smarter than the test. While one popular method is tampering with your urine sample or diluting it, it is definitely not recommended. Urine drug testing equipment is sophisticated enough to tell the difference. Instead, use one of these methods.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

THC Detox

They work by flushing out your system and masking the THC metabolites in your system. The drinks will stop the THC metabolites from being released into your urine and bloodstream for a temporary timeframe.

The Rescue Cleanse detox drink method is best used when you have prior notice of the drug test, and you have time to prepare your body. Make sure to stop smoking altogether before you go this route.

There are many brands on the market for this product. We recommend Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, a long established brand that manufactures the Rescue Cleanse.

On the day you have to submit the sample for the urine drug test, consume the drink along with a large quantity of water.

Urinate as much as possible before submitting the sample. By the time you have to go in for the drug test, the urine sample should be clear of any THC content.

Synthetic UrineIncognito Belt- Clear Choice - How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

Detox drinks are unlikely to be enough for heavy users to clear the THC out of their systems. They’re also not going to be of much use if you have been given no notice. These users also cannot submit their urine sample for the drug test. Obviously, there’s no way that it could be free of THC.

They will need to use to a synthetic urine kit, which replicates the chemical and physical properties of human urine, down to the color and smell.

Synthetic urine can help a heavy marijuana user pass a urine drug test, as long as it is from a quality brand. Synthetic urine from quality brands are used to calibrate the equipment used to test urine samples, so if you’re using a recommended product, you should be good to go.

A good quality synthetic urine kit will protect you even if you smoked a few minutes before the test. Thus making it the best choice for heavy marijuana users. After all, synthetic urine is what issued to calibrate urine drug tests to get a standard for the tests. Quality products will give the ideal test result. No matter how much you’ve smoked, you can get away with it by using an excellent synthetic urine kit.

This is the best option for chronic smokers. Chronic smokers cannot detoxify their system effectively enough before submitting a sample.

How Long Can Weed Be Detected in Your Saliva?

Mouth swab drug tests detect the original THC component remaining inside the mouth once you’ve inhaled marijuana. These tests cannot detect metabolites as urine tests can. So if you haven’t smoked in a couple of days, you probably won’t test positive for marijuana at all.

THC does not remain for very long in your saliva, and THC is what the mouth swab test is looking for. When you smoke weed, the smoke is rich with the THC and a lot tends to stick around in your mouth. A saliva test is much easier for you to pass. This is because the THC starts to metabolize very quickly.

If you haven’t smoked up for a week, you should be able to pass a saliva drug test. Since the THC from marijuana does not remain in your saliva for a long time.If you’ve only blazed once, the THC will remain in your mouth for up to 24 hours. For people who smoke frequently, it can be detectable for up to 72 hours. For heavy smokers, it can be traceable for up to a week.

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Tests

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

If you have a few hours before the drug test, drink plenty of water and fluids to flush out the THC from your mouth.

Then brush your teeth, floss and use mouthwash to expel THC from any nooks and crannies in your mouth. You need to pay attention to your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Finally, eat foods with high-fat content.  THC will dissolve in the fats and end up in your stomach instead of in your mouth.

The situation changes if you have no more than a few minutes before the test. You can hardly do more than drink a glass of water in such a situation. Forget eating – you can’t even brush your teeth in this amount of time.

If you don’t have the time you need to prepare your mouth before handing over the saliva sample, you have no choice but to mask the THC that still exists in your saliva. For this, you have access to several oral cleaning products out in the marketplace to mask THC as quickly as possible.

However, given the proliferation of scams and fake products in the market, you need to choose a trustworthy brand. We recommend ordering products from Test negative, a company that has proven itself time and time again with its reliable drug detox products. Clear Choice Oral Clear Gum the reviews for this product are unfathomable.

How Long Can Weed be Detected in Your Hair?

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

Evidence of puffing the magic grass last longest in your hair. This is why we dread hair follicle tests. THC ends up in your hair as a result of the metabolites circulating in your system and then in your scalp. Because our hair grows at a standard rate, the frequency of smoking up doesn’t matter in hair follicle tests. These tests can find any weed you’ve smoked over the past 90 days.

Hair drug tests look for the presence of the metabolite THC-COOH. Frequent consumption of marijuana leads to excess THC-COOH and THC accumulating in the bloodstream, and then get absorbed into the fat cells. Over time, these fat cells break down, releasing the metabolites right back into the bloodstream.

Your body then treats these metabolites as toxins and flushes them out through your urine. That’s what leads to positive results in urine tests.

The hair drug test looks for the same metabolite. Blood containing THC-COOH circulates through the scalp, depositing some of that excess metabolite at the hair follicle. The hair then traps the THC metabolite inside its inner structure.

So the hair that grows is contaminated and will test positive for THC.

A sample of around a hundred to two hundred hairs is taken from close to the scalp, with the nearest 1.5 inches from the root used for standardized testing. And if the hair on your head is too short for that 1.5 inches, the sample can be collected from other places on your body, with even beard hair providing a viable alternative.

Passing Hair Drug Tests

The reason hair follicle tests are so terrifying. They’re the least popular drug test because of their cost, but they’re also the most difficult to get around.

You simply cannot use a natural detox to get around a hair follicle drug test. You also cannot wash your hair with regular shampoo to get rid of the THC – even bleach won’t remove the metabolites within your hair strands. But don’t lose hope yet. It is difficult to beat hair drug tests, but it can be done.

Hair Follicle Shampoo - Clear Choice - how long does weed stay in your system

While regular shampoos can’t mask or remove the THC in your hair, some specialized products are up to the task.

Clear Choice’s Hair Follicle Shampoo is the best product on the market. It can thoroughly coat the strands. The Hair Follicle Shampoo has an acidic base which can remove the THC-COOH from the hair without causing damage to your hair.

Where bleach will cause damage to the exterior of the hair strands, Clear Choice’s industry-tested product is able to do the job while keeping your hair intact. To learn how a hair follicle test works click here!

Remember to follow the instructions carefully when using the Hair Follicle Shampoo, and to DO NOT use any other hair products in conjunction with it.