Choosing Between Convection Vapes and Conduction Vapes

convection and conduction vapes

With all the different innovations that the world of marijuana has been seeing. There have been cooler ways to consume the magical plant to experience stratospheric highs. You can roll one in a blunt and smoke it, use your favorite bong or you can eat it in brownies, candies and coffee!!

There’s so much happening that it gets difficult to choose which way to go. Those who prefer to vape marijuana have to face the difficulty of choosing between Convection and conduction vapes.

Choosing Between Convection and Conduction Vapes

As far as the health aspect is concerned people are now vaping. Because it’s a better alternative to smoking marijuana. With all of the different vapes that are available out there in the market, it can be difficult to choose which one to go for.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of vape for yourself. The critical decisions that you have to make is deciding whether you want to use a conduction vape or a convection vape.

While there are vapes out there in the market that make use of both the conduction and the convection method of vaporization, the best vaping experience can vary from the form of marijuana you are using for either of the two.

Some of the vapes are better suited to vaporize cannabis oils and concentrates, while there are those that are better suited for vaporizing ground buds. It is nothing more than a matter of personal choice for you.

Choosing between convection and conduction vapes is not a matter of going for the healthier option. Any kind of vaporizer is going to be a healthy alternative to smoking and neither of these types is going to burn the marijuana to produce the vapors.

Convection and conduction vapes both produce vapors from marijuana without producing any of the harmful byproducts that result from the combustion of marijuana like tar. Vapes are also an incredibly convenient and more portable makes them an excellent choice for consuming marijuana.

What kind of vape you want to use depends on what you want to get from it. To help you better decide, you need to have sufficient information for it, right? Well first off, let’s get to know more about convection and conduction vapes.

Convection And Conduction Vapes – The Difference

To understand the difference between the two, you need to know about convection and conduction. The process of convection is when heat is transferred due to the movement of a hot gas or liquid. Conduction is the transfer of heat that takes place when a hot solid object comes into contact with another object.

In The Context Of Vaporizers

Now we know the difference between the two heat transfer methods. We can look at how the vapes use the process. In the vapes that use conduction, the batter heats the chamber, which is holding the marijuana inside. This causes the marijuana to heat up, filling up the chamber, touching the walls of the chamber in an even manner.

 Convection vapes heat the marijuana by passing hot air through itself.

This is achieved by the battery heating a coil up to the perfect temperature. This causes the marijuana material to vaporize as it is passed through the chamber where the marijuana is packed in the vape.

Conduction vapes came into the market first because they were very simple to produce and easy to use. That’s why you will find that conduction vapes are relatively cheaper than convection vapes.

The thing about convection vapors though, is that they are far more efficient at vaporizing the marijuana and they produce a slightly higher quality of vapor in comparison to the conduction vapors since the heating element does not come into direct contact with the marijuana at all.

Which Should You Go For?

Choosing between convection and conduction vapes is all dependent on what you find to be a more convenient manner of vaping. The choice depends on whether you prefer the concentrates of marijuana or the dry herb. Whether or not you’re always on the move and on whether or not you like to go for versatile material for vaping.

The Conduction Vape

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For people who like to use concentrates of marijuana, the conduction vape is better. The fact that the heat source is in direct contact with the concentrate within the chamber. This means that the marijuana concentrate is going to heat up quicker.

Within the conduction vapes, the material which is in contact with the walls of the chamber is heated evenly but that also means that it is much hotter than the rest of the marijuana material inside.

If you were to be using your favorite strain of ground buds in conduction vapes, there will be a slight degree of combustion that can result from it.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t use actual buds in your vape. There are those conduction vapes which can heat dry weed more evenly than other models.

The Convection Vape

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If you are someone who prefers to use actual chronic more than concentrates. Then you should go for the convection vapes. There is no chance that the convection vape will cause even the slightest of combustion of the marijuana packed inside the chamber. Simply because the heating element never comes in contact with the marijuana itself.

It’s just the hot air passing through it that causes the vaporization. It only passes through the chamber when the person is inhaling.

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing between convection and conduction vapes. You have to consider the fact that both of them have their nuances. If you’re someone on the go. You will find that conduction vapes are more suitable as they heat much faster than convection vapes.

Variety is something that convection vapes can offer without compromise on the vapor quality. There aren’t any rules or best practices for your vaping preferences. At least now you are now better prepared to make an informed decision on which you should go for.