The Best Sativa Strains for Spring 2018

best sativas strain for 2018

With the increasing popularity of smoking the lushness that is mary jane. We have seen an increase in types of strains and hybrids. Here we have the best sativas for spring 2018!

According to the reports coming from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The potency of cannabis is getting higher with every passing year. The majority of people measure the strength of cannabis strains by the levels of THC they contain. If you consider that as well then marijuana is most definitely getting much stronger.

So How High Is High??

best sativasPhoto Credit | Josiah Weiss

The average levels of THC found in cannabis strains used to be less than 1 percent back in the 70s. In comparison to that, early 2000 had marijuana strains showing the THC levels at above 6 percent. That’s a clear indicator of the increasing potency of marijuana strains throughout the world.

One of the main reasons this phenomenon is happening is a better understanding of how the genetics work with these plants. We have gotten a better grasp of what elements contribute to humans experiencing the high from cannabis plants. There’s an increased focus on producing seedless. This is the top part of an unfertilized female cannabis plant containing the highest amount of THC.

There are also the modern era harvesters and weed growers. They’ve managed to bring hybridized strains into the market. Simply by combining different strains of the cannabis plant to encourage higher THC levels.

There are two different kinds of strains for cannabis plants: the Sativa and the Indica strains. Sativa strains are more potent with THC while the Indica strains exhibit higher levels of CBD.

The most robust THC levels are found in hybrid strains. They combine the best Satvias strain and indicas strain with Sativa showing the higher level of THC. With every passing day, we’re discovering hybrid strains that contain a higher level of THC.

Back in the 70s, finding a sativa strain that had THC levels going above 10 percent was a rare feat. Nowadays, there are plenty of hybrid strains out there that have THC levels going north of 20 percent.

So as 2018 progresses, we know we’re in for some extreme cannabis strains coming our way. Here are the best of the best when it comes to sativa dominant strains in 2018.

1.    Green Crack

best sativiasPhoto Credit | Alex Person

Also quite popularly known as the speedy strain, the Green Crack is a sativa dominant strain. It contains THC levels going as high as 25 percent. It is one of the best sativa strains when it comes to the concept of wake and bake that can get you started in the morning.

Its named after the fact that it gets your morning started with a jolt. Once you smoke the Green Crack, it will get you to start talking for hours on end with its long-lasting high. That makes it quite the sociable strain of weed. Perfect for someone who has a busy working day ahead.

The reason it is called the speedy strain has to do with the fact that it gives the consumer a sharp boost in their energy levels. You won’t even be looking for your morning coffee with this sativa dominant strain’s ability to motivate you to get things done.

2.    The Pineapple Express

Ah yes. The Pineapple Express. Every weed lover in the world is aware of the name now since the sativa dominant strain saw a rise in popularity after a 2008 movie with the same name. It is one of the most favorite strains across the whole country and for good reason too. It exhibits high levels of THC going up to 25 percent.

The best thing about this sativa dominant strain is the very subtle and highly relaxing high that it gives to its consumers. You smoke this baby and you will be feeling buzzed and relaxed for hours. It’s the best strain to have when you want to get those creative juices flowing inside your brain. Oh and of course, as the name suggests, smokers can expect to get a hint of the tropical fruit that it’s named after, when they smoke it with slight notes of fruity aromas and black pine in the mix.

3.    Sour Diesel

An earthly sativa strain which is also known to be quite the pungent strain with a reliable diesel-like aroma, this baby is one of the most potent strains on the list. With a 26 percent level of THC and barely 4 percent CBD levels, this strain is the best when it comes to energizing you in the slow-starting mornings you’ve been having.

The high is immediate and highly energetic. The strain gives you the kind of mental high that puts you on the right track. It gets your brain working more efficiently like your brain has received some sort of fine-tuning that you didn’t know was even possible. The doors to different dimensions will open once you smoke some of this sativa dominant strain and open a world of creativity you didn’t know was residing within your cranium.

4.    Chocolate Thai

This list would not be complete without the legendary sativa strain known as the Chocolate Thai. It’s a rare strain of the marijuana plant to find nowadays and it offers you between 12 to 16 percent of THC levels.

Doing justice to the name, the Chocolate Thai strain has a beautiful chocolaty aroma, with a hint of coffee to spice things up. So you know what this baby will do best with – yes! Your good ol’ morning coffee!

This is the most subtle strain on this list and that makes it perfect for someone looking to slowly transition into a positive mindset filled with creativity. For those consumers who are less experienced in using the cannabis plant for their early morning motivation, this is the sativa dominant strain for them to go for.

5.    Island Sweet Skunk

Photo Credit | Esteban Lopez

No, it doesn’t smell like a skunk, but yes it is sweet smelling. With the THC levels at 18 percent, the Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa dominant strain that gives you a pleasant and energetic high that doesn’t leave you motionless on the couch all day.

The smoker will smell a sweet and citric aroma with hints of a heavenly earthy aroma. The high is relaxed and at the same time a little trippy. It makes for a right combination for someone looking forward to a productive day.

Parting Note

Remember, these are considered to be the strongest because of the high THC levels found in these strains. Some strains out there in the world will keep you on the couch when you smoke them while others will get you up and running early on in the morning. It all depends on your preference. This list contains the best sativas strains for spring 2018.

Oh, look, it’s 4:20. Have fun!