5 Guidelines for avoiding a false positive drug test result.

false positive drug test

False positive drug test results have, in the past, stopped employers from hiring qualified and perfect candidates. what guidelines lines are out there now for employers to ensure a false positive drug test can be avoided and the right candidate does not miss out on a great job opportunity?

If you get fired as a result of a false positive drug test result, it’s more than likely that your employer is legally liable and can be subjected to a lawsuit for relevant damages.  

1. Instant Drug Tests with Saliva Indicators.

false positive drug test

Saliva drug tests are inexpensive and cost only a little more than urine tests, however, when performed correctly, they save more time and so many employers are now choosing to opt for a mouth swab drug test instead of a urine test.

Mechanical set up of the test is vital. To be able to collect adequate saliva as too little saliva maybe yield invalid or false results for you.

2. Which safe substances can trigger false positives? What about cross-reactivity?

false positive drug testPhoto Credit | Mike Kenneally
Many food and beverages can compromise the accuracy of a drug test and even yield false positives. These substances metabolized quickly. Therefore with enough prior warning. Due to that, candidates should ensure they avoid them altogether.

Examples of food and drinks that could result in a false positive are poppy seeds (a poppy seed muffin) creatine and tonic water.

Many over the counter medications can also result in a false positive result. Some of these include; hay fever medication, cold remedies, diet pills, and nasal decongestants.

3. Opportunity to explain a positive drug test result.

You should always have the opportunity to explain yourself if your test has come back positive or presumptive. An MRO (Medical Review Officer) will be appointed to review your results if you need to account for legitimate drug use.

4. Companies can’t test sick employees.

false positive drug test

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In other words, there are often legitimate reasons for drug use. In any event, you are suffering from allergies, infection or as a result of a recent accident. Or simply, if you have been ill.

Accordingly, your company should encourage your recovery before they test you. Your body needs to remove the metabolites otherwise you may result with an unfair positive result.

5. Testing is Lab based confirm. 

After a false positive this method is fast and accurate. A certified Medical Review Officer performs the confirmation test. To ensure the elimination of a false positive test. The lab sends the results in 24-72 hours.