Incognito Belt Synthetic Urine | Product Review

Incognito Belt with heat pads

In the past year’s attitudes towards marijuana are changing for the better all over the US. Now more than, 28 states have legalized it in some form or the other, but drug testing policies at many workplaces remain unavoidable. These workplace policies are stringent to the point that they can get you fired just because you smoke weed casually or just a cheeky puff at the weekend!!

Considering that smoking the occasional bowl doesn’t even adversely impact your productivity, this seems extremely unfair. So what exactly do you do if you need to avoid those dreaded urine tests?

Well, if you’re here, you’re probably looking for an answer involving synthetic urine. It’s a solution that has helped quite a few people out, including yours truly! The problem with using synthetic urine is

1) The prevalence of fake brands and scams in the market
2) What if you’re being tested under the supervision and have to wear a hospital robe? The jig would be up!

In light of this, we’re reviewing a product by Clear Choice called Incognito Belt. We’ll be talking about how synthetic urine works, what scams to avoid, and where synthetic urine belt kits fit in the discussion.

What is Synthetic Urine? How does it Work?

As the name suggests, synthetic urine is to fake piss. It has specific industrial applications, such as testing the effectiveness of diapers, but it’s more commonly used to pass drug tests.

High-quality synthetic piss will have the following characteristics in similarity to real urine: color, smell, texture and organic ingredients including uric acid, urea, metabolites and creatinine.

That’s how it works: it mimics the chemical composition of human urine.

However, it’s important that you ensure that the temperature of the synthetic urine match that of urine that’s been excreted by a human body, since the sample collection bottles have digital thermometers in place to record the temperature.

This temperature cannot be less than 94°F or greater than 100°F, or your sample will be rejected. Most quality synthetic urine kits will help you maintain this temperature.

What Fake Piss Doesn’t Work?

When it comes to a urine test, there are too many people convinced they can get away with any old detox pills or cleansing drinks. Let me lay down the truth for you right away. Marijuana detox drinks tend to cost you something in the range of 35 to 50 dollars and advertise themselves as highly effective at flushing out all traces of THC from your body.

Except the most of these don’t work. Even some of the most popular brands have marketed themselves aggressively still fall way short of the mark. Yes, I’m talking about the Stinger Detox and the Certo method. Sure, you might get lucky with these. But they’re nowhere near a hundred percent effective.

So please, do yourselves a favor and avoid any cheap detox products on Amazon or from a local store. They’re low quality and unsafe and you will probably lose your job!

Synthetic urine, on the other hand, is a much better choice, as I have outlined in this review. However, there’s an absolute avalanche of fake products on the market. Here are some of the products that have never worked right in my experience.

Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine Kit: This particular kit is marketed toward the adult fetish market, but it also advertises itself as synthetic urine for use in drug tests. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t contain the particular chemicals essential for a quality fake pee.

UPass Synthetic Urine: While this is a brand that has been around for a long time, and has also amassed a huge following, there’s evidence to show it has consistently been failing drug tests. Additionally, it hasn’t updated itself in ages.

Magnum Synthetic Urine: Magnum suffers from a terrible reputation for good reason. It simply does not match the characteristics of normal urine.

Xstream Synthetic Urine: Another once trusted brand, Xstream’s formula hasn’t been updated in forever.

So you definitely need to do a little bit of research before you go out and buy yourself some synthetic urine.

How Does the Incognito Belt Work?

The Incognito Belt is Clear Choice’s most popular item, despite being priced at a hefty $125. Clear Choice offers a 200% money back guarantee, which should give you some indication of how thoroughly they believe in their product.

I ordered the device from to use for my review. It is gravity operated and has been advertised to deliver toxin free synthetic urine that’s both undetectable and 100% effective.

You wear a lightweight apparatus under your clothes that will wrap around your waist, and which includes a rubber tube for the urine sample to pass through. The sample is delivered when you release a clip that’s holding back the urine in the bladder bag.

The urine itself is produced from 11 chemical compounds to effectively mimic human urine. Not only does it contain urea and uric acid, but it’s balanced for pH and creatinine as well.

Did the Incognito Belt Work?

It did! I can’t recommend the Incognito Belt enough. I passed the drug test with flying colors, and the belt itself was such a breeze to use! It fits well against your waist, and I didn’t even have the space to worry that the urine would spill!

As long as you use it correctly, as the instructions recommend, the Synthetic urine Belt is going to work. Just make sure you use the hand warmers correctly, and that the urine temperature is within the specified parameters.

Our final verdict? Go for this product! You can order the Incognito Belt via our Shop by clicking here. True, it is expensive, at $125. However;

a) $$125 is a small price to pay when weighed against the risk of potentially losing your job.
b) The price points towards the product not being just a cheap scam. There are so many fraudulent products out in the marketplace, but the price and ingredients swing in the Incognito Belt’s favor.

How to Use the Incognito Belt?

The whole kit comes with the following items:

1 bladder bag containing 100 ml of pre-mixed synthetic urine that is free from toxins and suitable for two uses

Velcro adjustable belt

1 temperature strip

2 heat pads

I used the Incognito Belt precisely as the instructions told me to and then sent off the sample to a lab for testing. Here’s how you use this product.

  • Remove the adhesive backing from the heat pad.
  • Shake it well a couple of times to activate it. Stick the heat pad directly to the bladder bag, between the urine pouch and the belt.
  • Now wrap the Incognito Belt snugly around your waist, underneath all your clothing so it doesn’t peek out. Make sure the temperature strip is in direct contact with your skin, and that the drain tube is pointing towards the ground. Do this an hour before the test, if possible. This will facilitate the temperature strip, allowing it to read between 98°F to 102°F before you submit the sample. The synthetic urine HAS to be in this temperature range.
  • Close off the white clips and cut off the end of the tube.
  • You’re now ready to take the drug test! Unfasten the clips and drain the synthetic urine into the cup, making sure that the temperature is within the right range. Fill up the cup, close the white clips and submit your sample for testing.

We hope this review was helpful to you. Best of luck passing the drug test!