Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

So Clear Choice are at it again!! They have had amazing reviews online from thousands of places stating that their SUB SOLUTION SYNTHETIC URINE LAUNCHED IN 2002  is the best on the market! Boasting its the top product out there for color, smell and of course their revolutionary heat activator powder!!

These days it is becoming increasingly difficult to pass a drug test using a synthetic sample or adulterants. The labs are upgrading their testing processes and trying to clamp down on people who try to cheat the tests!!

Thankfully there is one company out there upgrading their formulas to keep up with the Lab giants!

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine!

Clear Choice Quick Luck premixed fake urine sample is an updated formula it’s toxic free and completely undetectable. This premixed formula works 100% sure!!
The clear choice legends have manufactured their TOP secret fake piss using 11 different chemical compounds.

Ingredients of Quick Luck:

  • Urea – A compound found in natural human urine
  • Uric Acid – Another compound naturally found in real urine
  • Ph Level – this should be between 8 to 4.6 Anything slightly above or below qualifies the sample as being valid. A sample submitted that isn’t within this range is considered invalid and flagged as a tampered sample
  • Creatine – this is the compound that gives urine that yellow color. Low creatine levels in your sample indicate diluted urine, another red flag and usually instantly noticed and marked before testing.

Other things that have been known to be found in most synthetic urine brands and are not found in the Clear Choice synthetic urine are:

  • Glutaraldehyde – An adulterant that can mask the presence of THC-COOH. Glutaraldehyde is not found in real human urine.
  • Biocide – This is an additive used to prolong the shelf life of synthetic urine. It is not found in natural urine.

Its imperative for the producers of synthetic urine to keep up with the ever-changing standards of drug screening. It was only some years ago that labs started testing samples for Urea. Ever since then the best synthetic urine brands (at least not the cheap ones, we’re talking $60 or more) have to contain Urea.

So in 2019, we have a major cause for concern as labs are now including testing for traces of these chemicals.

So to carry on staying one step ahead, it seems a no brainer to use Quick Luck. This really is the only way to guarantee to pass a drug test on short notice.

Does Quick Luck or Sub Solution have biocides?

One of the main attraction to this company right now is the sterilization process they use. Unlike so many other brands Clear choice don’t use biocides. They have a more expensive and ingenious way to clean your fake piss.

So if you don’t want biocide present in your submitted sample, then Clear Choice synthetic urine is the only brand out there which doesn’t contain it. Even the latest formula Quick Fix 6.2 contains biocides.

So at the end of last year, clear choice brought out a new Premium synthetic urine. An upgrade to the sub solution. The same updates synthetic urine but this time Premixed!!!

They are claiming this is the best they have now. With the same list of premium ingredients, I wanted to know if it’s really as good as sub solution (my favorite).

What is Quick Luck Synthetic Urine?

The synthetic formula of Quick Urine was designed specifically to be able to pass a drug test in 2019. This means that the components in the Quick Luck premium premixed urine are spot on. Tested and double tested in order to ensure that no test can tell between real urine and Quick Luck Urine.

So this premixed synthetic urine kit includes:

  • The premixed solution in a 3oz bottle
  • Easy pour spout top that you can change over the day of the test.
  • Easy to read temperature strip
  • Vial of heat activator power
  • Two heat pads

This clearly is one of the premium synthetic urine available on the market today. They have covered every aspect to make it even easier for you to pass the test and keep the lifestyle you have worked so hard for!!

How to use Quick Luck Synthetic urine kit!

The steps to use this product are Extremely easy!! They give you two different heating options, their patented heat activator powder, and 2 heat pads!!

Personally, I find it best to use the heat activator powder. It is so simple, you just have to have some balls to go for it! I completely understand its a pretty ballsy situation to be trying things for the first time! Clear choice also has the very first practice kit, to get to grips with the heating powder. Click here to find out more!

So the instructions for the Quick Luck® read as followed:

Quick Luck® comes with an easy-to-read temperature strip. Your realistic target temperature range is between 94°F and 100°F.

To avoid a false temperature reading make sure you store the sample with the temperature strip facing away from your body.

DO NOT dispose of the cap.

DO NOT open synthetic sample vial until ready for use.

ONLY open heat activator vial until ready for use.

Synthetic Sample

The bottle holds 3oz of the pre-mixed solution.

Do not break the safety seal until the day of use.

Once the seal is broken you can opt to change the cap for the spout cap provided which closely resembles the flow of the urine when poured.
Once the safety seal is broken, just like real urine the sample will start growing bacteria within a couple of days.  If not used, the sample can be refrigerated for up to 72 hours or frozen for up to 6 months.

Heating Options
OPTION 1: Heat Pad
Remove paper backing and stick heat pad to the bottle. Allow at least 1 hour to reach the optimal temperature. You never need to apply more than one heat pad at a time.

OPTION 2: Heat activator.
The heat activator comes in handy in last minute situations like when there’s no time to wait for a heating pad to heat up or in a situation where you have applied a heating pad but realize you haven’t reached optimal temperature by the time you need.

Keep in mind when using the heat activator that it’s easier to increase the temperature of your sample than to decrease it.
Therefore you should add very small amounts of powder at a time, then replace the cap, shake gently, wait 10 seconds and take a temperature reading.

If more heat is required then repeat the process until your sample has reached the optimal range.
They do state clearly that if your sample feels warm to touch but there is no reading on the temp strip then you have overheated your sample. If this happens, hold the bottle against the coldest surface you can find!

Does Quick Luck Synthetic urine work in 2019?

So in my own personal experience, I used this product just last month, it was a pre-employment urine test. Standard testing rules. So I went and checked in with the express machines. If I don’t have to talk with anyone I won’t!!

So I just had the bottle in my bra, along with the heat activator!! (luckily for women we have a nice little hiding spot!) Guys have the option of using these pretty cool stash undies, just like normal pants but the crotch is a giant pocket!!

So I take my little pot and head to the cubicle!!
I had changed the cap for the spout cap at home, so I just whipped that off and added the heat activator to my sample, little by little.

The trick here is to be gentle.

I must have added just over ¼ of the heat powder, gave the sample a little swirl and in about 8 seconds the temp had risen to 88° just starting to show on the temp strip.
So I gave the bottle another little shake and waited a second.

Now at this point, it occurs to me I’m very very close to overheating this fake piss then I’m screwed. So with the agility of a Chinese gymnastics team, I added just a smidgen of heat activator. Another little swirl and BOOM just between 96°/98°!!

I waited 5 seconds more and then poured my sample into the pot!!

I handed in my sample and the guy didn’t even look twice at it, perfect temp and perfect color!!

Three days later they sent the results and I passed the test!!

How Much Does Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Cost?

So this product isn’t cheap! It’s going to set you back about $100!

Yes, we know its expensive!

But really I would rather pay that for peace of mind and knowing I have a quality product! The great thing about this product is you can keep it handy random drug tests situations! The heat powder really gets you out of a jam!

Best option always is buying it from the official Clear Choice website! You can probably get it online, Amazon or even in some smoke shops, but I wouldn’t risk buying a fake product or an out of date one!!